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About us

Doris Blackburn Preschool
est. 1943

Doris Blackburn Preschool is an independent, community-run and non-profit kindergarten.

There are huge benefits to having a community-run kindergarten:

  • We are free to set curriculum to suit your child's needs and interests

  • We have a greater level of individuality

  • We have a reduction in operating costs

  • We can allocate funding for the centre's programs

  • Ensure the sustainability of the kindergarten in future years

The centre

Join the committee?

In order to maintain a successful kindergarten, we need volunteers to join the committee. Without the committee, there is no community-run kindergarten.

We understand that families are increasingly busy and joining a committee can be daunting and challenging. However, the rewards of joining are huge. You have hands-on involvement in your child's education, are able to meet people and create community within your kindergarten and importantly, be cool!

How to find out more?

Ask a staff member or email for more information.

Our Vision

The Doris Blackburn Preschool will be a community of learners that exists in the interests of children’s wellbeing and learning.We will promote social justice, access and equity for families; Respect the rights of individuals; Recognise that diversity enriches and builds strength; Foster positive, productive and constructive relationships and work as a team towards a common purpose.


Our Philosophy


We are a community of learners that exists in the interest of children’s wellbeing and learning. We respect the rights of the individual and promote social justice, access and equity for families, recognising that diversity enriches and builds strength. We work as a team towards a common purpose- fostering positive, productive and constructive relationship with all families. We will support children to develop understanding of and respect for Australian Heritage, Australian Indigenous culture with some emphasis on local Wurundjeri people.


We accept that we have a professional responsibility to be advocates of the children and their families in our Centre and in the wider community. We communicate with parents and caregivers regarding their health and safety, development, care and education. We are available for primary counselling and referral, remaining sensitive to their needs. We encourage the development of appropriate parenting skills and encourage them in their appreciation of their child’s individuality.

Facilitate Learning

Children learn through play and do so at their optimum level when provided with experiences and opportunities that foster their own natural curiosity, enjoyment and confidence. We provide a warm, encouraging and rewarding environment that encourages spontaneity, imagination, creativity, playfulness, inquiry, discussion & wisdom.


Our program is based on an emergent curriculum and pedagogical teaching that aims to capture the child, the family and the educator’s voice throughout our program. We encourage educators to observe and listen to children and gather inspiration to enrich children’s experiences.

Being, Belonging, Becoming

We promote and support respectful life-enhancing relationships so that all children will have a sense of belonging, will feel safe and know that they are valued members of the learning community. We encourage children to see themselves as valued, unique, capable and powerful human beings. We encourage children to develop caring and respectful relationships with adults and children – making connections, sharing ideas, problems, wonderings, skills and knowledge, being supported throughout.

A Safe and Stimulating Environment

As educators, we work to ensure that all children and their families feel safe, secure and supported at Doris Blackburn Preschool. We work to create relationships of genuine respect and care. We provide environments that invite children to participate, to experience. We provide environments that encourage children to cooperate, collaborate and build relationships in playful ways – to build a positive sense of wellbeing. We acknowledge that children need time to explore, to practice so we provide environments that are safe but provide challenge, that are interesting but not over stimulating or confusing; that provide times for quiet, for working in harmony, in groups or individually. We will always ensure that the safety and wellbeing of all children in our care is out utmost priority. As stated in our Statement of Commitment to Child Safety we have zero tolerance for child abuse. We have systems in place to protect children from abuse. We work actively to listen to and empower children. We are committed to promoting a safe environment for children from culturally and/or linguistically diverse backgrounds and a safe environment for children with a disability.

Honouring Diversity

We recognize that each family brings with them a unique culture and perspective. We welcome families from all cultural and ethnic groups and accept that we are all different, unique. We will accommodate and encourage the development of children without bias regardless of race, gender, culture, religion, socioeconomic background, family structure or individual ability. We will always be sensitive in our relationships with children and put the welfare of children above all else. We will become more knowledgeable about the specific ethnic groups represented in our communities. We encourage children to respect each other and will support them to learn pro-social behaviours through care and deference.

The Child

Empowering children is the most basic foundation for our curriculum. We will trust their own momentum, honour their wonderings and questions; encourage their interests, experiments and exploration. We acknowledge that learning does not occur in a linear or orderly fashion but instead is segmented, re-visited and constructed over time and in a context and as a result of conversations with peers and adults. We believe that children learn by doing, listening and seeing, by experimenting, experiencing and interacting with materials, the environment, each other and adults in a variety of socially and individually developmentally appropriate ways. We will encourage the development of independence, self-reliance, competency, self-control, self-awareness, self-esteem and appreciation of others. We will encourage awareness and appreciation of the natural environment. We believe in teaching our children about loving nature, respecting the environment and working together towards developing sustainable practices that are environmentally friendly.

Our Team

We recognise and accept that we have a responsibility as leaders in our workplace. We value each member of our team and their professionalism and dedication to Doris Blackburn Preschool. We pride ourselves on ensuring that each member of our team is well resourced in both time, resources and materials to implement highly educational programs for your child. As educators, we work collaboratively and affirm, challenge, support and learn from one another to further develop our skills and to improve our practice and relationships. We encourage further learning and education of educators. We believe that this is an integral part of our commitment to our educators and your family to ensure that your child receives the best possible care and education.

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